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Pilates with Ball

Be in the Moment

A Healthier, Happier You

My Approach

I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body. My aim is to help you identify your wellness goals, design a Pilates and movement program that fits your needs, and guide you through every exercise, every workout. My holistic approach to health and fitness will have you feeling great and experience results in no time.

What I bring to your sessions

Simplicity, Experience, Positivity, Intuition

and a whole lot of fun!

Connect with yourself

Your needs are unique, so will your program. As a certified Pilates Instructor and Movement coach, I offer a wide range of training styles. More than just getting you connected with your core, I also help with improving endurance, building strength, rehabilitating from injury, and energy balancing.

One on One
Virtual Pilates

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Virtual sessions are tailored to your needs and goals. Get the same focus and attention as a in-studio Private Pilates session with no travel time in the comfort of your home. 
No need to skip Pilates, let's meet online!

Private Sessions

Line5 Pilates

You get undivided attention and custom-made sessions to address your specific needs. Exclusive one-on-one sessions provide calm and focused private instruction with just you and your instructor. No distractions. You’ll work deeply and achieve faster results.

Pilates Workshops and Seminars

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Workshops are a great way to get introduced or deepen your experience of movement and Pilates practice.They will help you fine tune or challenge your physical fitness and understand the benefits of a strong and healthy body.


“Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty not only to attain it but to maintain it.”

Joseph Pilates

Elizabeth H.

I have been working with Mylene since the fall of 2019. I had tried many different approaches to building strength and stamina, but none had been effective. They had all exhausted me and they had undermined my confidence. Finally, I felt I had found someone who could read my body and address my underlying weaknesses.  Mylene was able to help me find that lost core stability, which I now know is fundamental to building strength and endurance. I began to see tangible changes in my body, including but not limited to tone in my arms, shoulders hips and abdomen. Slowly but surely my stamina was improving. In our sessions, Mylene is very responsive to how my body feels today, and my body awareness has increased dramatically. She tailors each workout to address the issues that come up on a regular basis for me, and after an hour I feel like a new, functional person- balanced and ready to take on the day. Her cuing on exercises is on point, and I can see that the pace and intensity of my workouts has increased substantially with her guidance and my commitment to Pilates. I cannot recommend her more highly!

Sheralee H.

If you've tried Pilates before and your experience wasn't great, you had the wrong teacher. Mylene is very knowledgeable and adept at giving you the correct exercise and cues in order for you to become stronger, more balanced and energized. After every class I feel so much better and I am grateful for her encouragement, positivity and kindness.

Heather H.

I have been working with Mylene for over 3 years (time really does fly!). When I started I wanted to focus on aspects of aging and longevity and improving my pelvic floor and overall strength. In 2022 I had 2 major abdominal surgeries that set me back quite a bit. Mylene worked with me throughout that year and adapted to my needs as I healed.  She was thoughtful to my needs and the surgical sight but also made sure I was progressing.
I can recommend Mylene 100%. She is incredibly knowledgeable and able to adapt to changes in our bodies and needs.



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